Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Fun Freetime: Kadoodle Kids

I recently had a chance to inter Lyss Stern, Co-founder of Kadoodle Kids, a company that's offering DIY customizable masks for kids to help make mask-wearing easier, and to provide kids a creative cold-weather activity.

Why are DIY masks a great option for kids?

•  DIY masks are a great option for kids because they aren’t only a way to keep safe from COVID 19, but they are also the perfect activity in a time when we all need to stay indoors and use our creative minds. We want the kids off of screen time as much as possible and this is the perfect #OTG off the grid project for kids to engage in. 
By now most kids should be accustomed to wearing masks, depending on their location how can Kadoodle Kids benefit them?
•  Kadoodle Kids can benefit children by providing a fun and stylish way to stay safe. The kids get to express their emotions and creative expressions via the masks. The children also love designing masks for their dolls and stuffed animals and then engaging in pretend play. It is so awesome to watch them using their imaginations. They get to use their expressive language and voices while creating their own masks, even talking to their dolls and stuffies about Covid. When completed, the kids are so proud to show off the unique and original masks that they made. 

Why is it so beneficial for kids to have a creative outlet?
•  It is so beneficial for kids to have a creative outlet especially now because it allows them to explore. It also helps boost their moods. Instead of sitting on iPads all day they can take their minds to so many different amazing places. Just like our slogan says “fun for their noodle and lets their creativity doodle!”

Do you have other products in mind for the future?

     *Yes!!!! Please visit us on Instagram and Facebook @kadoodlekids and on our website to see what comes next!   

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