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Book Nook: Cataqueria Island and Designer Pip

 Having moved to Andalusia in Spain in her thirties, Tabatha Taylor has fallen in love with everything the warm rural landscape has to offer. It’s become the new home for the adopted animals she rescues, a passion that has inspired two children’s books.


‘Cataqueria Island’ and ‘Designer Pip’ hark back to a bygone era of storytelling, as traditional adventure and life lessons ooze off every page.




‘Cataqueria Island’ - During a long voyage, well to do English cats Tibby, Musette and Pillow sail overboard and wind up on Cataqueria Island, a tropical paradise ... until they face the nasty leader of the island’s cat colony, a huge hurricane, and Chinese hunters looking for dinner ... and fur!


‘Designer Pip’ - Tabatha Taylor's charming rhymes and Gabhor Utomo's beautiful illustrations combine to make the tales of Pip a classic for children. In this first tale, Designer Pip is an adventurous and creative Jack Russell who aspires to be a fashion designer ... Can be enjoyed by dog lovers of any age.

“Both stories are different in their unique ways, but support my mission of writing books that help children understand what is right, wrong and the value in always doing the correct thing,” explains the author. “Of course, at the same time, fun and mischief engulfs them, as they learn by having a whimsical time typical of more traditional books.”


Continuing, “I want to inspire children to see value in reading, and also to embrace the animals that surround them. Empathy toward animals is something we all need to be mindful of, and these personified dogs and cats can become children’s friends. It’s so powerful! I will soon be ready to release the follow-up books; continuous adventures that will keep developing life on the Island, and with Pip and Mango. In fact, Pip will be shown in school in Spain as part of International book day!”



Recently a children's drama company made an audio film of  Designer Pip:


Readers love the books, leaving positive reviews. Judith loved ‘Cataqueria Island’, writing, “I really enjoyed this story it was funny and exciting. I loved all the characters especially Vinnie a strange, witty character I hope the author writes more stories about this Island. I can definitely recommend this bookfor all ages.”


Rasie was equally as impressed with ‘Designer Pip’, adding, “Designer Pip is an adorable pup and his friendship with Mango the parrot is really sweet. I read this book to my class and they really enjoyed it.”


Both books are available now from Amazon:


‘Cataqueria Island’-

‘Designer Pip’ -


Also available at Waterstones and W H Smith



About the Author:     


Born in London, Tabatha Taylor wanted to write from a young age.


Moving to Southern Spain in her thirties, raising three sons, and rescuing animals in the lovely, warm rural countryside of Andalusia, inspired her to write Cataqueria Island, her first children's novel.


Tabatha is a successful artist, but her passion for writing keeps knocking at the door.

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