Friday, June 11, 2021

Book Nook: Rodney the Rather Rare Rainbowsaurus and Harold the Hip Hop Happy Hipposaurus

Jo Raliver’s two children’s books ‘Rodney the Rather Rare Rainbowsaurus’ and ‘Harold the Hip Hop Happy Hipposaurus’ share a common theme. They are about children who have challenges to face and how they find a solution to the situation they’re in.

Through her experiences in nursing and children’s nursery work Jo has seen first-hand how children react to often difficult challenges and how they use their imaginations, resilience, and courage to overcome their situations. These gentle stories have a particular resonance as we come out of the Pandemic and often difficult and challenging times for many children. 

Rodney the Rather Rare Rainbowsaurus
Thea was a very unhappy, unloved young girl until Rodney the Rainbowsaurus entered her life. Join Rodney and Thea on their amazing journey to Cupcake land. Their friendship epitomises trust, friendship, and courage. Thea’s ability to cope with her neglectful family life initiates an amazing imagination whilst creating a new and valued friend.

Harold the Hip Hop Happy Hipposaurus
Caleb's world is that of a lonely and unhappy one. He had a supportive and loving family, but his autism had a detrimental effect in his social world and his feelings of not being accepted. His unique imagination created an amazing friend called Harold who recognised Caleb's unique talent. Join them on their adventure to Woghle Village. A story about pride, self-esteem, and love.

Learn more in the author's own words:

I wrote the books because I have written short stories for years but after working as a school nurse and a health visiting staff nurse for a period of time I had been fortunate to meet various children from challenging backgrounds. I felt now was the time to incorporate challenge into childrens stories as there are many children out there who have no support or even more worrying are under the radar so no one is aware they need help. The characters are colourful, smiley and friendly. I feel all children should be made aware that there are those children less fortunate than themselves who are resilient and cope with challenge in their own amazing and unique way. The books raise awareness and give children a better understanding of difficult and hard situations and how they arm themselves with the skills to deal with the situations presented to them or that they are born in to. The books capture how valuable their imaginary friends are and send a very important and worthwhile message but in a childlike and simple fashion.

Jo Raliver qualified as a paediatric nurse in 2002 and has always enjoyed being with children. She then worked as a health visiting staff nurse and school nurse; latterly she has worked within a paediatric setting. Jo also lectured part time in early years at a local college.

Due to the variety of different jobs undertaken during her career Jo has met children, who for a variety of reasons have felt challenged. She says: “Children are such wonderful young people who will display a heroism and bravery only to be admired.”

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