Friday, June 11, 2021

Website Spotlight: Avail Divorce

 For the more than 700,000 people who get divorced every year, there is a new membership-based website and app that helps them save time, money, and unnecessary stress. Avail Divorce features resources from industry experts, supportive community forums, professional one-on-one divorce coaching, and more, with a co-parenting app..

Avail Divorce was founded by Certified Divorce Coaches Nate Zorich and Jennifer Ciplet who wanted to create a better divorce experience than the ones they each went through.

“When I was going through my divorce, I had countless, frantic 3 a.m. online searches for answers to the financial, legal and emotional issues I was facing – with each website leading to a sales pitch, or to content that was difficult to understand,” said Zorich. “It seemed crazy that even though the divorce industry has been valued at $50 billion , I couldn’t find resources to help me navigate these pressing, heartbreaking issues.”

Avail Divorce provides tactical, pragmatic and inspirational advice. Memberships are $35/month with the option to add on one-on-one coaching for additional fees. Offerings include:

  • Articles from lawyers, financial advisors, mental health experts, certified divorce coaches, and other professionals

  • Step-by-step checklists and guides that help guide you from the day you start thinking about to divorce, to well after the divorce papers are signed

  • A vibrant, supportive and positive community. Through the members-only community discussion on the Avail Divorce website, Avail Divorce’s private Facebook page, and other offerings like members-only weekday meetups and weekend trips, Avail Divorce uses the common experience of divorce to build a community

  • Avail TV, which includes pre-recorded and live webinars that will discuss financial planning, overcoming the divorce stigma, dividing assets and more

  • One-on-one divorce coaching with Zorich and/or Ciplet

  • Soon to come: A co-parenting app, which features scheduling coordination, stores vital information like social security numbers, photo and video sharing capabilities, and more. The app is priced at $99 for a one-year membership and two-year membership for $179 – both with 30-day money back guarantee

Coupled with the need-to-know financial and legal information, Avail Divorce focuses on shifting the divorce narrative from one of shame to one of strength, empowering people to begin a new, exciting chapter.

“Until very recently, there were few true divorce resources to help people process, reflect and understand their divorces,” said Ciplet. “We are entering a new period in our country's history where, for the first time, people are waking up to the idea that divorce isn't something to be ashamed of. We are normalizing divorce as a life transition that happens for nearly half of all married people, shifting the dominant binary paradigm that married people are ‘healthy and good’ and divorced people are ‘broken and bad.’”

Learn more in this interview.

More about Avail Divorce

Avail Divorce website and mobile app were created by Certified Divorce Coaches Nathan Zorich and Jennifer Ciplet to help people survive and thrive through one of life’s hardest periods, divorce. Avail Divorce features supportive community forums; articles and checklists from lawyers, financial advisors, mental health experts, certified divorce coaches, and other professionals; divorce coaching and more.

The co-parenting app features scheduling coordination, vital information storage like health insurance cards and social security numbers, expense reporting, photo and video sharing capabilities, and more.

For more information about Avail Divorce, visit, and follow them on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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