Friday, July 30, 2021

Consumer Critique: Starlette Galleria

 Summer is in full swing and so are your fun summer adventures in the sun. We all know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun (thank goodness for sunscreen); but many are unaware of the impact that the sun, sunscreen and bug spray can have on our favorite pieces of jewelry.

Olivia Starling, founder and CEO of jewelry brand Starlette Galleria says, “Sunscreen, chemicals in water, and UV lights are all culprits that won’t just prematurely age your skin, but also can age your jewelry. Sunscreen, lotions, bug sprays and oils tend to collect under stones and seep into the settings of jewelry, leading to a murky appearance and tarnishing, while frequent sun exposure can lead to eventual discoloration or fading of your pieces. Make sure you are protecting your jewelry by leaving it at home and swapping it out for something beautiful, fun and tarnish-resistant.”

I recently was able to see one of their beautifully-designed rings and I was very impressed. The advantage of the pieces from Starlette Galleria is that they don't look cheap - they look like nicely designed, well-cut and well-made jewelry. However, they aren't as expensive as some jewelry pieces are, so you can still dress up with nice-looking accessories without more expensive jewelry showing extra signs of wear. On the flip side, if you like high-quality jewelry designs but can't afford hundreds of dollars on each jewelry piece, they have a lot of amazing designs available.

“Engagement rings and wedding bands are expensive and valuable. Which is why we always hear to leave our jewelry at home while traveling or doing outdoor activities. However, just because you’re outside enjoying what life has to offer, doesn’t mean that you should do it bare handed. We specialize in rings for women who do it all, and want to look good too.” says Olivia Starling.

Starlette Galleria has a great alternative for your outdoor adventures in their synthetic gemstones and tarnish-free jewelry, perfect for the wear and tear of summer outings, sports and travel plans. All Starlette pieces are hypoallergenic, tarnish-free and look amazing - the perfect accessory when you just can’t risk loss or damage to your jewelry or wedding ring.

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