Thursday, July 29, 2021

Home Habits: Is it worth it to remodel a bathroom?

While there are many other spaces in your house that need remodeling, you should not exclude your bathroom.

Aside from your bedroom or kitchen, the bathroom is also a significant space in your home. Moreover, it is the most intimate area in your house, next to the bedroom.

Most modern bathrooms have intricate designs that add value to the property, but if your home was built years ago, you might want to consider freshening up this intimate space by remodeling it.

Transform your bathroom into a beautiful and comfortable area by having newly painted walls, aesthetic interiors, and advanced bathroom fittings that will set your mood for the day. 

If you are concerned about the renovation cost, just think of it as an investment. Having a remodeled bathroom enhances the resale value of your house - it is a win-win situation.

How to remodel a bathroom?

Now, how do you remodel a bathroom?

You certainly have a picture in mind of the design you want, and all you need to is ensure it is done accordingly.

Hence, you should consult a bathroom remodel contractor. He will assess the condition of your bathroom and provide preliminary results and suggestions.

In other words, he should give you options to make sure that you do not go beyond your set budget.

Before the assessment, it is best to prepare a draft drawing of your idea or a sample picture. It will help the contractor to work more efficiently.

Why should you remodel the bathroom?

Aside from the increased resale value, here are other reasons why you should consider remodeling this area.

  • A remodeled bathroom helps uplift your mood

  • It makes the bathroom for more years

  • Fewer drainage clogs or fixtures issues

  • It feels more personalized than a generic room

  • Modern bathroom gadgets are energy saving

  • Minimalizes pests infestation

  • More hygienic

How much can I recover when I sell the property?

Well, it is best to know that you cannot get back the total amount you have spent on this remodeling work unless you sell the house at a more lucrative price.

However, you can still recover a good portion of the cost incurred in the process as the house value increases.

You just need to be patient in marketing your house for sale. You can even highlight the significance of your bathroom to interested clients by providing compelling images captured by expert photographers in your area.

Remodeling Cost: Expensive or Not?

This question is very subjective since it all depends on the person’s budget. However, you need to remember two things that can be determiners of the overall cost.

  • Current bathroom condition

  • The extent of present damages

Based on these things, you should be able to get a rough estimate on how much to spend.

Bathroom Remodeling: Worth it or not?

Now, the ultimate question that needs an answer is here: is it worth it or not?

Most realtors agree that this undertaking is worth it, especially considering the increase it can add to the original house’s value.

Moreover, you can enjoy using the space’s new technologies more than its old features.

Come to think of it: the old bathroom had only showers, faucets, bathtubs, and toilet seats as bathroom utilities, but not anymore with the modern-day designed bathroom.

Most of the time, a modern bathroom is equipped with state-of-the-art bathroom fittings with water and energy-saving utilities.

Considering all these upgrades, remodeling your bathroom indeed works wonders. In the end, you understand that it has more pros than cons.

So, start remodeling your bathroom while you can. Otherwise, you are only wasting a precious opportunity to upgrade your space and benefit from it, too.

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