Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Book Nook: Space Explorers - 25 Extraordinary Stories of Space Exploration and Adventure

 It’s no secret that space has always fascinated humans.

Yet only a few have been daring enough to travel beyond the surface of the Earth. From the first man and woman in space to the moon landings to building the International Space Station in orbit, the history of space exploration is filled with peril, bravery, and strokes of genius.

On August 10, get ready to launch into the unknown with Space Explorers: 25 Extraordinary Stories of Space Exploration and Adventure from spaceflight expert and children’s book author Libby Jackson. In this beautifully illustrated anthology, Libby shares with young readers tales of space exploration and human achievements—including those of: 

  • Katherine Johnson,

  • Yuri Gagarin,

  • Neil Armstrong,

  • Buzz Aldrin, and

  • Sally Ride!

Lighthearted and engaging, Space Explorers reveals the thrills and possibilities that lie just among the stars.  

Libby Jackson is one of Britain’s leading experts in human spaceflight, having spent more than a decade working at the forefront of the field. Space was her childhood passion, and after completing degrees in physics at Imperial College and astronautics and space engineering at Cranfield University, she has worked in the space industry ever since. For more about Libby Jackson and the upcoming book release, visit: libbyjackson.com.

  In 3… 2… 1… Blast off! 

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