Monday, September 20, 2021

Mealtime Magic: Fall Recipes for Babies


Starting baby off with a foundation of fruits and vegetables will promote healthy eating habits for life. Around six months of age, baby begins consuming purees, smoothies, and ice pops, made with a variety of easy-to-digest, fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds. Use the change of seasons to introduce new flavors--traditional autumn flavors such as pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon, as well as new tastes including pistachios, plum, turmeric and spinach. 

Here are a few favorite fall recipes from the makers of teetherpop™, the patented, fillable, freezable teether. Be sure that any ingredient you include in the smoothie has been previously given to baby separately, to rule out any food allergies or digestion issues. 


Sweet Potato Pie 

1 cup sweet potato or yam 

1/2 apple 

1 cup water 

pinch cinnamon 


Apple Carrot Plum Yum 

½ apple 

1 carrot 

½ plum 

1 cup water 


Pistachio Pearfection 

1 T pistachios 

½ Pear 

1 frozen banana 

1 cup spinach 

1 cup nut milk 


Immunity Boost 

1 carrot 

1 orange or clementine 

½ frozen banana 

1 cup water 

Pinch of turmeric 


Gently steam harder fruits and vegetables (pumpkin, apples, kale) in a small saucepan until soft. Let cool, then transfer to a high efficiency blender (ex. Vitamix) or an appropriate container if using an immersion blender. Add remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth. Serve as a meal, snack or filling for teetherpop. 


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