Monday, October 25, 2021

Consumer Criqitue: Tiki Dog Taste of Spain

I recently had a chance to review Tiki Dog Taste of Spain Healthy Grains Chicken & Shrimp Paella Recipe. My dog is a larger dog so she would eat a ton of wet dog food if that's all we gave her. We gave her this as a food topper instead to add variety. It's grain-free so it's appropriate looking for that in their dog's food.

She absolutely loved it. She reacted like she does the first time she gets a great new treat - putting it in her mouth and trying to run away with it so we didn't steal it. Fortunately she stopped right away and didn't make a mess! I love the idea of giving her different flavors to enjoy, and this seemed to be a pretty high-quality dog food. It was easy to give her just part of the can at one meal and the rest at another meal.

We enjoy being able to mix up our dog's diet periodically, and she definitely seems to enjoy it as well. Although we're happy with our main dog food brand and don't plan on switching over permanently anytime soon, I would definitely consider this in the future as a mix-in or topper to add variety. It's easy to find in a variety of pet stores online and in stores too.

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