Monday, October 25, 2021

Healthy Habits: DrySee Bandage


Kids are always falling and getting hurt, it’s just a part of childhood. Even if they don’t have a cut or scrape, kids love to decorate themselves with bandages. But the problem with most bandages is they don’t really keep a wound clean, especially if kids are showering or swimming. And with the average waterproof bandage, it is hard to tell if the seal of the bandage is in place and the wound isn’t getting wet or exposed to germs. 


DrySee is a new bandage that is waterproof and can be used on any cut, scrape or even over stiches. The waterproof bandage is unique because it changes colors if the bandage needs to be changed. 

I had a chance to learn more in this interview.

Why was DrySee created?


Current problem with standard outpatient wound dressing

Current commercial waterproof bandages are susceptible to leaks and become compromised when exposed to the elements for extended duration. With the current available products it can be very difficult to tell that a bandage has been compromised. Clear liquids or contamination is extremely difficult to detect under a bandage. Additionally, when bandages are applied incorrectly, the bandage can become compromised more rapidly. Bandages can be misapplied for many reasons including hair, oils, dirt, water or folds in skin in the wound and surrounding wound area. Additionally, bandages that are wrinkled can compromise wound protection by letting bacteria and moisture into the wound site.


Why is it important for parents to have a way to check on wounds, even without removing a bandage?


DrySee® after surgery or injury, accelerates recovery, by having certain advantages2:

  • Definitive proof that a bandage is dry
  • Definitive proof that a bandage has been applied correctly to prevent exterior contamination.
  • Early indication that a bandage is being compromised by contamination


What causes the bandage to change colors?


DrySee® is the first waterproof bandage with patented liquid indication technology. It is scientifically designed to keep water out while being breathable and comfortable. If any moisture does get into the perimeter the indicator will absorb the liquid and turn blue before the liquid reaches the wound site. The patient can actually see if the wound is dry and protected. The materials used in DrySee® also improves hygiene by allowing patients to shower or bath sooner after postoperative surgery or accidental injury. Typically, patients are instructed to wait a minimum of 72 hours before taking a shower or bath depending on the nature of the wound4. With DrySee® patients may be able to wash sooner without fear of open wound or post-surgical or post-injury contamination. Also, DrySee® gives the water repelling coverage that is more pliable and thus better adherence to the body rather than bulky bags, sleeves, Saran Wrap, or other current methods used to try to keep their wounds dry while bathing. 


One of the most important design features of DrySee®, besides the fact that it keeps the wound dry, and enables the patient to take shower and baths, is its ability to detect if the DrySee® has been compromised by liquid contamination.

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