Monday, November 29, 2021

Website Spotlight: FindCenter

 FindCenter ( is a huge repository of wisdom that seeks to upend the user-as-product model of social media by creating a platform that enriches a person’s unique deep dive into growth, healing, and finding purpose.

“It’s a place where anyone can find resources to navigate the challenges of being human,” says longtime tech entrepreneur and FindCenter CEO Neal Goldman. “The world has changed so much, especially as we see apps and platforms that latch onto this cycle to drive profit. So, why not create a digital platform that can actually empower its users and connect them with others across the globe going through those same experiences?” continues Zainab Salbi, Chief Awareness Officer.

A few clicks indicating points of interest–mindful parenting, loneliness, work-life balance, building new habits, appreciating your body–yields a feed of articles, podcasts, books, videos, quotes, and more for support through difficulty, connection with others, and a rabbithole of the most nutritive content, satisfying curiosities you didn’t know you had while also edifying the soul.
While each person is undoubtedly a unique intersection of identities, some roles such as athlete or mother create a lens through which an entire life is viewed. To that end, FindCenter launches “Identities,” curated pathways to bodies of content finely tuned to the concerns, challenges, joys, and heartbreaks related to these core parts of who we are, beginning with two life-defining roles:
A click on FindCenter for Athletes, ( reveals a universe of emotional, mental, social, and physical concerns that get at the complexity of spirit specific to athletes. Insights, practices, celebrations and lamentations on topics like motivation, imposter syndrome, grit, focus, yips, collaboration, aging, brain health, body image, resilience, racism, female empowerment, parental pressure, self-care, self-mastery, human potential, chronic pain, an unfulfilled career, and so much more meet athletes right where they are. 
Being a Mother carries enormous—and often conflicting—demands, cultural expectations, and assumptions that can impact all other parts of our identity and easily overwhelm our sense of self. Following FindCenter for Mothers (  leads to an exploration of the challenge and joy of raising children, but also rediscovering and recentering ourselves in light of this life-altering new role. Topics such as sex and intimacy, feeling never good enough, setting boundaries, sleep and rest, loss of professional identity, reclaiming time, creativity, anxiety, belonging, and more are seen through the lens of motherhood.
Forthcoming designed identity paths will include Burnt Out, Living with Cancer, Creative, Entrepreneur, Person of Color, LGBTQIA, Living with a Disability, Creative, Activist, Caregiver, Man, Woman, Veteran, Lonely, Angry, and many, many more.

I had a chance to learn more in this interview.

Why was FindCenter created?

FindCenter was created to help people on their life journey -- to find growth, healing and purpose as the case may be at any particular point. There is a wealth of valuable wisdom in the world, but it can be very hard for a person to find what is useful to them when they need it. We are people passionate about helping to make other people’s life journey easier. FindCenter is a tool anyone can use from anywhere, for free, to find inspiration and valuable insights on how to live.

How do you choose resources to be included on the website?

We have a team of editors, primarily made of experienced book editors from the self-help and spirituality genres.  The team is led by Caroline Pincus, who has been an editor for over 30 years and who has edited several New York Times bestsellers. We don’t favor any particular philosophy, theory, or religion.Instead, we believe that sampling of diverse perspectives is stimulating and healthy. All of the curated content on the site is picked by the editorial team with an eye to being informative, loving and nutritive. We have hundreds of topics on the site -- we are focusing on topic areas in the order that we think they will be of most use to the most people.

With so much information there, how do you keep it from getting overwhelming for users?

There are numerous ways to be guided through the content -- through the lens of an identity (such as Mother), Collections of content on focused areas (created by our editors or curated by our users), or by theme. Most importantly, when users create a free account, we provide them with a personalized feed based on their preferences. We are working to continually devise ways that will make navigating the content of the site more intuitive and easier. It isn’t easy though -- life is a really big topic!

Why is it important to have a one-stop-shop resource center?

Prior to FindCenter, there was no one-stop resource. This meant a lot of hunting and pecking, and not knowing if a random website found is trustworthy. When people need quality information, it can be frustrating to not be able to find it or not trust what they find. We are working with very high standards and integrity to develop a brand that helps people feel comfortable that the information found comes from a credible source and lines up with love and efficacy. Find what you need, from a trustworthy source, quickly. 

About FindCenter
FindCenter is the world’s largest platform of inspirational resources related to personal growth, healing, and finding purpose—with over 500,000 pages of content. Curated by top book editors, the site brings together the world’s best wisdom on life and provides each user a personalized experience. Rather than favoring any particular philosophy, theory, or religion, FindCenter offers a stimulating and healthily diverse set of perspectives. The platform helps users help themselves develop the skills and resilience to navigate life. Visit us at

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