Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Healthy Habits: A Christmas Gift That Protects and Saves Lives

By Ecosense (Insoo Park) 

 As people hit the stores or online shopping for the upcoming gift-giving holidays, perhaps they’re seeking that unique but beneficial gift for the loved ones in their lives. Considering a gift that is not only cutting-edge technology but protects people and saves lives could make your gift the “favorite” this Christmas. The EcoQube by Ecosense is changing the game in radon detection and allowing people to remain safe and sound in their homes.

What Is Radon?

 Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in the soil. The longer a person has radon exposure, the higher their chances of developing lung cancer. Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer and is estimated by the EPA to lead to 21,000  deaths in the U.S. per  year. There is no 100% “safe” level of radon for your home. When radon is detected over EPA’s guideline threshold, the problem should be mitigated. Radon is only detectable by using specialized equipment. 

 Anyone who has purchased a home in the last two decades may have been surprised to find a “radon test” required and then mitigation following if any radon is detected. Radon mitigation systems can cost upwards of $2,500, so it can be helpful to test for the presence of radon before its consequences can become a bigger, more expensive health problem. 

A Cutting Edge Life Saver 

While there are other Radon detectors on the market, ranging from twenty-five dollars to several hundred dollars, the EcoQube by Ecosense brings familiar technology and detection together in one palm-sized product. 

 The EcoQube is an intelligent radon detector that allows people to get their first detection within 10 minutes of setting it up, not days like other detection systems. Using a patented technology, the device delivers industry-leading detection rates (to get “science-y”, the EcoQube can have a radon counting sensitivity of 30 counts per hour per pCi/L, which is 15 times higher than the industry standard required for continuous radon monitors

 The simple, modern design and small footprint of the EcoQube blend seamlessly with most home decor, so it goes to work without being obtrusive. 

Check Safety From Your Phone

Perhaps the nicest feature of the EcoQube is the ease of checking the radon readings through the EcoQube App on their smartphone. Available for both Apple and Android devices, it allows any EcoQube owner to have their readings at their fingertips. If the reading hits an EPA’s threshold level, the app will provide a notification so people know to address the situation with a radon professional. Results are fast, accurate, and people can check readings anytime from anywhere.

The Gift of Safety

The EcoQube was a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree and has been recently included in TIME's List of Best Inventions of 2021. The EcoQube has earned high praise in reviews online from consumers and it’s a great gift idea, especially for anyone who has moved into a new home and may need to get their radon levels tested. It could also be a great gift for business owners with brick and mortar locations or your child’s daycare center or school.  (include link to awards)

We all want to give gifts that are not only unique but useful. Few things are more valuable than a device that provides safety and security to the people we love. The EcoQube has emerged as a high-tech, life-saving gift sure to make anyone on your list happy. 

 The EcoQube can be purchased on the Ecosense website or Amazon. 

Insoo Bio:

A strategic business executive with a proven track record spanning more than 25 years, Insoo Park is the Founder and CEO of Ecosense. As a key sales and business development executive, he has been an integral component of three silicon valley start-up companies - all of which have either gone public or been acquired by publicly traded companies. With Ikanos Communications, Insoo served as a territorial sales director for all of Asia and North America. After Ikanos successfully completed their initial public offering in 2005, Insoo served as a Vice President with Teknovus, which was acquired by Broadcom in 2010.  In 2014, he joined SiTime as a Vice President of Strategic Sales.  SiTime completed its IPO in 2019 and Insoo founded Ecosense with the goal of empowering consumers to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle free from the life-threatening dangers posed by Radon gas by delivering detection results accurately and quickly.  He has authored an article for Lake Oconee Health, and his company has been featured in Benzinga, The Digital Journal, and San Francisco Post, among others.

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