Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Healthy Habits: Hearing Conservation

 I recently had a chance to interview Dr. Grace Sturdivant of OtoPro, who is available for interviews to discuss the importance of hearing conservation, particularly for those that enjoy hunting and shooting. She is a graduate Vanderbilt University's School of Audiology and the daughter of an avid outdoorsman. Despite growing up with a respect for the outdoors, she never thought her clinical background would bring her into the world of working with hunters. 

What does “hearing conservation” mean? 

Hearing conservation is simply preserving your hearing while you still have it. We want our clients to continue to enjoy the things they love, whether that’s hunting and shooting, enjoying live music, riding motorcycles, and more. In order to best conserve your hearing while participating in the activities you know and love, it’s important that your hearing protection fit perfectly, which is why our custom-molded hearing protection is the key to effective hearing conservation.


Most people have at least some understanding of the long-term effects of loud noise - why are there still people who don't protect their hearing?


It’s true what they say – you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. So many people only seek out protection after they have noticed they are losing it.  


How can outdoors enthusiasts, especially those who like hunting, target shooting, or other loud activities, enjoy their activities safely?

Whether it’s Bluetooth devices, filtered plugs, or silicone plugs, the key is in the fit. A custom-fit product allows us to ensure that sound at dangerous levels are not getting through your hearing protection. Hearing protection isn’t one-size-fits-all, on any front. Your ear is unique to you and so is your lifestyle; not only we will be sure your hearing protection is quite literally the perfect fit, but, at OtoPro, we comb the market for the perfect product to fit your unique lifestyle. 

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