Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Parenting Pointers: Newborn Care Specialist

 New parents are under more stress and pressure than ever before.

Brooke Barousse and her Lexington Nannies aim to help parents out!

Since 2006, Brooke has been renowned throughout Southern California for her highly individualized placement process.

In particular, she has a passion for supporting new parents and finding the right Newborn Care Specialist to get the assistance and sleep that they need.

Support from a Newborn Care Specialist includes sleep training, feeding, assistance with breastfeeding, and more. 

These specialists often come from a background as nurses or medical professionals, postpartum doulas or individuals with other concentrated childcare training. 

Things you should know when hiring a Newborn Care Specialist:

  • It’s best to find a specialist 3 - 6 months into a pregnancy

  • They are highly trained so they can help with tips & tricks when it comes to swaddling, breastfeeding, pumping, lactation, sleeping habits and more

  • They can work the night shift so moms and dads get the rest they need

Brooke says, “My clients fall in love with their Newborn Care Specialists. They bring peace of mind and the much-needed rest that can be elusive for new parents.”

I had a chance to interview Brooke to learn more.

What is a newborn care specialist?
  • Newborn Care Specialists are trained, skilled professionals who provide unique assistance and education to parents of newborns. They assist with the following; establishing a sleep routine, lactation support, helping with feedings throughout the night, and offering tips and tricks for parents.This temporary position sets parents up for success, during one of the most precious times in their little one’s life.

How does it help parents and caregivers to have help during the early months?

After parents bring their newborn or multiples home from the hospital, help from our Newborn Care Specialists includes sleep training, feeding, assistance with breastfeeding, and more. Newborn Care Specialists provide 10-24-hour shifts, and we work together to tailor a schedule that best fits your family’s unique needs. Our Newborn Care Specialists have all worked with a minimum of 10 families, with the majority of them having worked with well over 15 families. They often come from a background as nurses or medical professionals, postpartum doulas, or individuals with other concentrated childcare training. Many of our Newborn Care Specialists are experienced with twins or multiples.

Typical responsibilities of a Newborn Care Specialist:

  • Supporting and educating parents
  • Transitioning from the newborn to the infant stage
  • Creating or refining a schedule
  • Assisting with any feeding issues and facilitating successful breastfeeding
  • Staying with the baby to offer feedings or bringing to Mom to feed, and then returning to sleep
  • Establishing sleep training
  • Providing care in the areas of changing, diapering, bathing, nursery organization, sleep training, and support to the parents
  • Maintaining a log of eating, sleeping and behavior patterns


How long do families typically use a newborn care specialist?

Anywhere from 1-6 months

How can people find the right match for their family?

We've successfully placed Newborn Care Specialists for 16 years, and we are happy to walk moms through the process of hiring someone great. The families can see resumes in advance to see who they like, and then the interview process is to see who they feel the most comfortable with. 

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