Saturday, June 25, 2022

Book Nook: The Royal Rescue

The Royal Rescue shares with children the importance of seeing life from another’s perspective.

With its rhyming narrative, this compelling story bursts with surprise, fun and a very happy ever after ending.  It also skilfully demonstrates that creative and non-preachy children’s stories can be a positive conduit for sharing life skills. As debut author that has found her forte with her first published work, Alexandra Wilson is a welcome and fresh addition to early years literature.



The Queen is not amused! That means everyone’s in trouble. No kingdom can run smoothly with a grumpy queen on the throne!
Join our bossy queen through her adventure as she explores a different outlook.
Will the kingdom achieve its vital ‘happily ever after’?


The author says:

“ I wrote the book for my beautiful niece Felicity. She asked me to tell a story… So I have. The books illustrations are of her… even her beloved pony Custard makes an appearance!”

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers, The Royal Rescue is available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon at and


About the author:

Alexandra Wilson spent what she considers an idyllic childhood growing up on a large dairy farm just outside the small Welsh market town of Welshpool. Absolutely pony mad and accompanied, (or aided and abetted) by her twin sister, her youth was spent galivanting around the beautiful Welsh countryside on her pony.

She grew up - Now horse mad! Alexandra now has a family of her own, two daughters (pony obsessed), one son and a doting husband. She now lives in Shropshire.

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