Monday, August 15, 2022

Book Nook: Business Casual Yogi

"Business Casual Yogi" is written by Vish Chatterji, a former mechanical engineer and tech entrepreneur with business experience spanning 20 years, Chatterji now coaches executives and small business owners on how to create personalized daily routines in nutrition, exercise, scheduling, and sleep to nurture fulfilling work, joy, and life harmony. 

From concrete diet and lifestyle coaching to the more abstract role of mantras and chakras, yoga practices are hailed to provide high-performing leaders, professional athletes, and everyday people with strength, resilience, and happiness. Nevertheless, many find it hard to make habits of these lauded practices. How can you easily integrate this ancient wisdom into your pursuit of life balance? "The answer is optimal health micro-rituals," says Vish Chatterji (say Chatter G), a Northwestern University-trained engineer, Michigan MBA, and Vedic (study of yoga) expert.

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