Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Book Nook - A Day in the Sun


No matter who you are or where you live, the Sun graces us all. It wakes us up, lights our breakfast tables, warms our play, lifts our moods, grows our food, and gives us life! From Madagascar to Thailand, Iran to Holland, Brazil to Mali, each spread depicts children in a different country enjoying the universal benefits of the Sun. From sunup to sundown, this deceptively simple yet stunning picture book offers a wondrous sense of worldwide connection via the glowing star around which we orbit.

With short, graceful text and retro illustrations featuring bright, bold shapes, and storylines occurring in multiple parts of the world, A DAY IN THE SUN expands a reader's worldview by showcasing the universalities of childhood and the ways we connect through the Sun’s shared warmth and light.


Diana Ejaita works as an illustrator and textile designer in Berlin. What sets her illustrations apart is a combination of dramatically contrasting areas of black and white with soft patterns and textures that create images that portray the strength of femininity. These factors have led her to have over 13k followers across social platforms and clients such as The New Yorker magazine, Google, Vogue, Apple, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Born in Cremona, Nigeria, her aesthetic pays homage to her lineage. “I am mostly into Central African culture; I love its literature, arts and textile traditions. But as a child of migration and of interracial parents I am very driven by the issues of colonial/post-colonial effects, racial, gender discrimination and identity research.” She lives with her baby/muse, Mathi, in Berlin and Lagos.

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