Monday, August 7, 2023

Book Nook - Period.: The Quick, All-Inclusive Guide for Every Uterus

 Period.: The Quick, All-Inclusive Guide for Every Uterus is the bold and clever guide to periods for every person who menstruates. An entirely gender-, age-, and ability-inclusive guide to menstruation—this book is perfect for Gen Alpha! This graphic nonfiction book delivers all the information kids need in bite-size pieces. The attractive packaging is filled with fresh, gender-neutral art.

Periods. Every person who menstruates has a different relationship with their "Aunt Flow": some good, and some...not-so-good.
This 4-color graphic novel guide embraces all the icky, all the sticky, and all the confusing of our monthly cycle, acknowledging that there's no cookie cutter way to manage the physical and emotion mayhem. Filled with consumable, bite-sized tips, tricks, and "inside" medical information, this humorous, character-driven guide is the best friend you never knew you needed. And with it's fully gender-, body-, and sexuality-inclusive content, this is the no-judgement zone. Whether you're dreading your first period or can't wait to throw a Period Party, you'll find all the answers you need right here.

Backed by the experts at Mayo Clinic, PERIOD. is the no-nonsense guide kids and caregivers alike can trust to navigate menstruation, period.

Ruth Redford is a freelance editor and author based in the United Kingdom. She loves writing and researching non-fiction projects and hopes that this book will help everyone to talk more about periods and feel comfortable with them.  

Aitana Giráldez was born in Barcelona. She studied fine arts and has a master’s degree in illustration. Giráldez has illustrated menstruation experiences for educational health projects and has raised awareness about periods for a university documentary and a collective exhibition called Monstres. She is part of Artes-Medea, a feminist and intersectional association that supports young artists. In her free time, Aitana loves to spend time talking in book clubs, planning exhibitions, and eating potatoes. 

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