Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Websight Spotlight: Swagbucks

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Swagbucks is a leading rewards site, which recently commissioned a survey into shopping habits for rewards-seeking deal hungers.
  • 68% of surveyed shoppers say they will be making most of their holiday gift purchases before Black Friday or Cyber Monday
  • Almost 40% of surveyed shoppers had already made holiday gift purchases a week before Halloween, and 2% are “power shoppers” who have already purchased more than 10 holiday presents.
  • Continuing a major trend from offline to online shopping, over three-quarters of surveyed shoppers (76.5%) plan to shop online for the holidays.
  • 74% of surveyed shoppers believe they will stick to their holiday shopping budget -- but the majority (53%) are willing to splurge on a desired gift at the last minute
  • Other than the perennial favorite of free shipping, rewards offers, discounts and other incentives such as price-matching are most popular with shoppers.  Only 7.4% of surveyed shoppers say they don’t care about coupons or promotional offers.
As retailers compete to attract ever more discerning customers, early holiday rewards promotions, sales and incentives will be a key driver for holiday shopping decisions made before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I had a chance to email Eron Zehavi (Chief Rewards Officer) and David Weinrot (Chief Operations Officer) to learn more.

1.) Why do you think shoppers are starting the shopping process so early?

Retailers are running sales and holiday promotions earlier in the year so the shoppers want to take advantage of the deals. We've also seen issues in the past of popular items running out of stock or being delivered late, so many people want to make sure they get exactly what they want in plenty of time before the holidays.

2.) What are the advantages of shopping online?

It's all about convenience. A person can shop for anything they want, from any location, at any time that is most convenient for them. With the ease of price comparison and product reviews, an online shopper can also feel comfortable knowing the got the best price and the "right" gift.

3.) How does Swagbucks help consumers save money?

A lot of our members use Swagbucks specifically to pay for their holiday shopping. Swagbucks gives people cash and gift cards for their daily online activity, including shopping, watching videos and clips, searching the web, answering surveys and polls, and discovering new and engaging content. The best part is that the consumers can use the gift cards to shop through our affiliate mall of the Top online retailers and earn Swag Bucks in the process, so they end up getting paid to receive items that they're already getting for free.

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