Saturday, January 14, 2017

Enriching Education: January Story Monsters Ink

While a second career as a children’s author might seem an unlikely choice for this basketball giant, Shaquille O’Neal tells us that he turned to writing books for children in his retirement as a way to continue to champion two of his favorite topics: reading and basketball. That’s a slam dunk in our book.
  For iPhone users who need immediate answers to their questions, information is only a button-push away. For years, Apple devotees wondered if the voice inside their phones was computer-generated. To some extent it is. However, there is a real woman behind that sound. Meet Susan Bennett, the voice of Siri!

Also in this issue, we meet 12-year-old Author Hannah Hoffman, who tells us that having her debut book published has been a dream come true ... literally. Kathryn Starke tells us if she learned one thing in the 10 years she spent teaching in inner-city public schools, it’s that many students need extra help to learn basic literacy skills. So she combined her expertise as a literacy specialist with the thrill of the NFL to create Tackle Reading, which features thoughts on reading from over 45 contributors in the fields of education, entertainment, and professional sports.

Middle school years can be painful for children as they try to identify how and where they fit in. Julie Sternberg and Marcie colleen have created Play Memory, a brilliant resource for parents, teachers, and librarians to help young people cope with the challenges they are facing every day. And our special contributor this month is Noelle Sterne, Ph.D., who gives us some tips on giving a great children’s presentation.


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