Saturday, April 1, 2017

Movie Minute: Heidi

When I was little, I loved the classic rendition of Heidi. I read the books, and watched the old film with the grmpy old grandpa who takes in the cheerful Heidi. So I was really excited to review a new take on this classic, available exclusively at Walmart.

I geek out about things that are German or German-inspired, especially since I raise my girls to be bilingual. This movie was a fun way to introduce them to the classic story of Heidi, taken from her friend Peter to live in Frankfurt with her aunt and be a playmate for wheelchair-bound Heidi. Although Heidi learns a lot in Frankfurt, she still misses the mountains, and eventually is sent back when the stress of the city affects her health.

It's a beautiful story of friendship, hope, adaptation, and love. What I loved even more about this particular DVD is that I can watch it with my girls in the original German. The acting is well done, and the scenery of the Swiss Alps is absolutely breathtaking. If you're a Walmart shopper, this is a great family-friendly (Dove-approved) film to get!

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