Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Book Nook: Unblemished Trilogy

I recently had a chance to review Unblemished and Unraveling, the first two books in the Unblemished trilogy by Sara Ella.

I love fantasy fiction, so I was really excited to read these. The book received the Evangelical Christian Book Association’s Christian Book Award in the young adult category; however, it's not specifically just a book for Christian readers. I liked it because there was nothing in there that I found objectionable as an adult, yet there was an appropriate amount of suspense and plot development to keep things interesting. While it has the universal "good versus evil" and love beyond family elements, it also has strong female characters and anti-bullying messages.

Set in a magical dystopian universe, the main character, Eliyana, finds herself responsible for saving her birth land. Throughout both books, she finds connections and support, loses her faith in love, and takes on a role she doesn't feel prepared to fill - but throughout the books, she finds that she has more strength than she thinks, and is capable of more than she can imagine.

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