Friday, February 5, 2021

Book Nook: Books from Mango Publishing to Celebrate Girl Power

 I recently had a chance to read some great books for women from Mango Publishing. These books celebrate the progress women have made and inspire confidence in the next generation of women. They have an attitude of confidence, were fun to read, taught me a lot of what women have done, and will make great books to share with my daughters!

Victory for the Vote: The Fight for Women’s Suffrage and the Century That Followed by Doris Weatherford

In her book Victory for the Vote, Women’s history expert Doris Weatherford offers an engaging and detailed narrative history of women’s seven-decade fight for the vote—and the continuing current-day struggle for human rights and equality. This inspirational gift for women also features a foreword by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House. Victory for the Vote puts the fight for suffrage into contemporary context, discussing key challenges and issues for women in the decades that followed 1920, such as reproductive rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, and political power. It will also help readers to take pride in the struggles and accomplishments of strong women, understand and appreciate the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Nineteenth Amendment, celebrate feminism, and recognize the challenges that still remain on the road to human rights for all. View this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women by Becca Anderson
If you affirm yourself every day, you can rule the world. More importantly, you can live a life filled with love, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction thanks to your own positive self-regard.
 Badass Affirmations is the ultimate motivating, encouraging, and uplifting book to enjoy and share. Becca Anderson, bestselling author of The Book of Awesome Women, serves up a memorable and inspirational banquet of positive self-affirmations, delicious bon mots, encouraging quips, and unforgettable quotes from movie stars, musicians, politicians, and women writers. Everyone from Malala to Madonna to Michelle Obama weighs in on the meaning of life with badass wit and timeless wisdom. View this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

The Perfect Gift for Women Ready to Change the WorldWhen Women Run the World Sh*t Gets Done: Celebrating The Power of Women Now by Shelly Rachanow

Packed with stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, this book is a must-have for any woman who has ever dreamt of a better world. Be inspired by this compelling tour de force of sisterhood. Shelly Rachanow’s book is full of powerful, courageous women who are getting vitally important sh*t done. Dive into this empowering narrative and read about:

  • A trauma surgeon working to stem the epidemic of gun violence
  • A professor who ran for office to provide a better role model for her sons
  • An educator raising India’s poorest girls out of poverty
  • Teens fighting for clean water, inspiring future generations to continue their work
  • A group of firefighters training to trek across Antarctica, raising awareness for mental health and showing young girls that they are strong and can be anything they choose
  • Activists from around the world fighting the injustices of inequality and patriarchy

View this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

 The Book of Awesome Women: Boundary Breakers, Freedom Fighters, Sheroes & Female Firsts by Becca Anderson

Women have always been strong, true heroes ─ sheroes, oftentimes unacknowledged. In the 21st Century, all women can fully embrace their fiery fempower and celebrate their no-holds-barred individuality.It’s time to acknowledge the successful women of the world. From the foremothers who blazed trails and broke barriers, to today's women warriors from sports, science, cyberspace, city hall, the lecture hall, and the silver screen, The Book of Awesome Women paints 200 portraits of powerful and inspiring role models for women and girls poised to become super women of the future. View this book on Amazon and Bookshop! 

The Book of Awesome Women Writers: Medieval Mystics, Pioneering Poets, Fierce Feminists and First Ladies of Literature by Becca Anderson
From the first recorded writer to current bestsellers, Becca Anderson, author of
 The Book of Awesome Women and Badass Affirmations, takes us through time and highlights women who have left their mark on the literary world. This expansive compilation of women writers is a chance to delve deeper into the lives and works of renowned authors and learn about some lesser known greats, as well. Some of the many women writers you will love learning about include Maya Angelou, Jane Austen, Judy Blume, Rachel Carson, Nadine Gordimer, Margaret Mead, Joyce Carol Oates, and many, many more. The works of these awesome women writers vary greatly―each is as unique and significant as the women who penned them. With the help of writers, editors, librarians, booksellers, and more, Anderson has crafted a must-read book for women everywhere. View this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women by Alicia Malone
Alicia Malone has curated the essential list of films made by women.
 From Mary Herron’s American Psycho garnering a reputation as a Classic to Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird dominating the Golden Globes and the National Society of Film Critics Awards, it is about time women in film were more thoroughly discussed. Alicia Malone is determined to grow the conversation about both the lack of women behind the scenes and in the history books through her book The Female Gaze. In the mini-essays written by female film critics, discover brilliantly talented and accomplished women filmmakers, both world-renowned and obscure, who have shaped the film industry in ways rarely fully acknowledgedView this book on Amazon and Bookshop! 

Still I Rise: The Persistence of Phenomenal Women by Marlene Wagman-Geller
Still I Rise takes its title from a work by Maya Angelou and it resonates with the same spirit of an unconquerable soul: a woman who is captain of her fate. Still I Rise embodies the strength of character of the inspiring women profiled within. Each chapter will outline the rise and fall of great women heroes who smashed all obstacles rather than letting all obstacles smash them. The book offers hope to those undergoing their own Sisyphean struggles. Intrepid women heroes are the antithesis of the traditional damsels in distress: rather than waiting for the prince, they took salvation into their own hands—and now, they inspire readers like you. View this book on Amazon and Bookshop! 

Fabulous Female Firsts: The Trailblazers Who Led the Way by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Societal mores of sexism and misogyny have kept generations of women on the sidelines of history. But in every era, there are women who refuse to sit back in the shadows. Fabulous Female Firsts is a celebration of those women―the role models who proved that with enough daring and enough tenacity, the impossible can become possible.From rebel girls who refused to let their wings be clipped to the suffragettes who claimed new space for women, each trailblazer in this collection of biographies pushed the boundaries for what was possible for women in their time, even if it meant being seen as stubborn, improper, or just a train wreck. Fabulous Female Firsts is in praise of “difficult women” who made the world a better place. View this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

Letters From a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Changes The World by Rachael Wolff
It's easy to make a difference in the world when you focus on healing yourself first. That is exactly what Rachael Wolff teaches in her new book,
 Letters From a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World. Become the very best and strongest you can be with the unique tools and practices in Letters from a Better Me. Rachael guides her readers in the process of writing letters to themselves, which is a powerful and affirming process, one that will give them the courage to face adversity. Letters From a Better Me will help you develop resilience and fortitude.This motivational book will also provide readers with the tools they need to build self-worth and leave fear behind, welcoming a more loving and compassionate view of themselves and life in generalView this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

Friendship isn't a Big Thing, It's a Million Little Things: The Art of Friendship by Becca Anderson

The bond shared among girlfriends is like no other. Whether the friendship is decades old or just beginning, we share a unique relationship with these women, a connection wholly different even from what we share with husbands or boyfriends. Strong female friendships are inspiring because they foster the practice of women supporting and enabling other women. Author and blogger Becca Anderson has long been moved by the inspirational quotes and stories of groundbreaking women (as seen in her bestselling title, The Book of Awesome Women), and she shares some of that female empowerment with us in this bookView this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

Women of Interest: The Ultimate Book of Women's Trivia by Alicia Alvarez, Becca Anderson, and Erin Barrett

Women of Interest is a humorous compendium of little known facts about the history, fame, fortunes, fashions, and fictions of the female species-enough to impress your mother and your boss, win arguments with your boyfriends and husbands, and generally know more about your fabulous female self.View this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

The Future of Science is Female: The Brilliant Minds Shaping the 21st Century by Zara Stone

In The Future of Science is Female, author and award-winning journalist Zara Stone shares the fascinating, complicated stories of how a diverse group of powerful women got started—from the perspective of those still working it out as they go along. Take 22-year old Dominique Barnes, a female hero of the oceans. She was worried about all the dolphins and whales killed during shrimp farming, so the marine biologist created a tasty, affordable plant-based shrimp alternative. And she's just one of the sheroes you will discover in The Future of Science is FemaleView this book on Amazon and Bookshop!

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