Thursday, September 29, 2022

Smart Safety: Kidas and Stand4Kind

 Kidas (“the Company”), a technology solutions company focused on developing anti-cyberbullying and predator protection software for online gaming platforms, today announced its official partnership with Stand4Kind, which provides numerous resources to encourage wellness and positive school culture. Stand4Kind is one of the nation’s leading organizations working to end suicide and address teen mental health, as well as end youth cyberbullying and expand the availability of resources to families dealing with online threats.


As part of the joint initiative, all parents and legal guardians from schools working with Stand4Kind will receive a free two-month subscription to Kidas’ software. This partnership allows both organizations to expand their mission of upholding youth mental health and general wellbeing across North America. 


ProtectMe, Kidas’ proprietary, AI-powered text and voice communication software, is an advanced digital tool that alerts parents of potential threats occurring during online gaming sessions and allows them to shield their children from these dangers. As the only cyberbullying and protection software available for children’s PC games, Kidas is the last line of defense against online bullies and predators attempting to prey on children. Kidas’ technology complies with U.S. privacy regulations, including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


Stand4Kind was created to address a specific problem in our schools: students were hurting, and people didn’t know how to help. The organization is committed to ensuring that students, parents and teachers have access to quality training, resources and programs. It provides impactful school assemblies, ambassador clubs and programs on leadership, peer-to-peer suicide awareness, anti-bullying, character building, mental wellness, resilience and more.

“This collaboration is yet another positive step in combating near-epidemic levels of online bullying,” said Ron Kerbs, Kidas Founder and CEO. “Through a simple install, parents gain valuable insight into their children’s gaming experience and access more tools to ensure their kids are safe. We look forward to expanding our reach across the U.S. and helping more children and their families avoid these unfortunate online encounters.”

“Everyday, we take the necessary action to ensure students understand that there are tools available to navigate the educational terrain safely, and this further enhances their resource pool,” Stand4Kind Founder Pam Hayes said. “Students will be able to more freely explore their digital interests, and parents will have peace of mind knowing this protective software has their child’s backs.”


About Kidas

Kidas is a technology solutions company focused on developing anti-cyberbullying and predator protection software for online gaming platforms. With a hyper-focus on protecting younger players, Kidas enables parents with the tools they need to manage the inherent risks that persist through online anonymity and shield their children from online predators and other toxic behaviors while they game. Through software that analyzes in-game voice, text activity and screen time on PC games and apps, Kidas silently integrates into hundreds of game titles and monitors for predatory actions or privacy concerns that may arise. Custom weekly reports are generated and emailed to parents letting them know if their child encountered such threats. For more information, visit


About Stand4Kind

Stand4Kind believes every student deserves to feel like they belong and have connections. Through teaching empathy, self-esteem, emotional wellness, and kindness, we provide a way for schools to reduce suicide and bullying among students. Our goal is to change the culture and climate in schools nationwide and break the stigma of mental health. For more information, visit

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